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Birthdate:Jun 20
Location:Auckland, New Zealand
Website:Air & Angels
'La Déesse' rhymes with 'Ah, say yes' - it's French and derived from my real name in the same way that 'Hergé' is derived from 'Georges Remi.' Other than that, I choose not to use my real name online except with close friends and confidantes. I'm an eccentric bluestocking from New Zealand. I used to be a secondary school teacher of English, Media Studies and French, but had to give it up because the stress and depression got to be too much. Now I work for the Ministry of Justice as a court reporter (like a stenographer, but based in a separate office and transcribing from digital recordings, rather than working live in the courtroom), and I like that much better.

I live in the downstairs of my parents' house (an arrangement for which I'm grateful, but I lament that it ever became necessary) with my cat, Pearl. Pearl is beautiful and intelligent but crabby.

I have a mother, a father and a sister, a little nephew and one surviving, very durable grandmother.

I went to the University of Auckland and have a Master of Arts degree in English, topped off by a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary). I've travelled to the USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Costa Rica and England, and lived in England too. My strengths include imagination, enthusiasm and humour, with a strong sense of history and feeling for language, and my weaknesses include depression, occasionally excessive introversion and a tendency to officiously correct people's spelling, punctuation and grammar. Well, I was an English teacher. Please tell me gently if I'm annoying you; I will try to make amends. And I take nice little white pills for the depression, so usually I am reasonably calm and cheerful. Hurrah!

About 'Friends'
I wish that LJ called this feature something like 'Regular Reads' or 'Bookmarks,' because the label 'Friends' implies a closer relationship than I have - or can have - with many of the people whose journals I have on this list. The situation is ripe for giving offence to people to whom I bear no ill-will. I've taken people off my Friends list in the past, not because I grew to dislike them personally, but because I was no longer enjoying reading their journals. Our interests had diverged. We were never actually friends in the first place, any more than I am friends with the characters from Achewood, whose fictitious blogs I also read. (Ray answered one of my emails once though. He told me not to become a teacher just because I was good at school. Ray, I resisted your advice at the time because I didn't know what else to do, but fuck it, you were right.) Likewise, when I don't want to add someone to my Friends list, it's usually just because there are so many journals on it already that it's in danger of becoming unwieldy. Periodically I trim it down to keep it manageable. Some people on my Friends list really are my friends - but they know who they are, as we have a relationship beyond LiveJournal.
The reason this LJ is 'Friends Only' is for privacy reasons. I think everyone should be able to understand that it's important to have some control over what information about yourself is readily accessible online.
My point is simply that none of this LJ 'Friends' stuff on my part is meant to be elitist, snobbish or hurtful. Please don't be offended.

Oh, and this is me too: Put On Your Picardigan

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